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The American Battleship - The New Ironsides

The USS New Ironsides

1/240th Scale


Old Steam Navy is proud to introduce the first large scale model kit of the USS New Ironsides. The New Ironsides was the most formidable vessel built by the Federal government during the War Between the States. An immense armored steamship carrying fourteen 11-inch guns and two 8-inch Parrott rifles, she was the first American battleship in the real sense of the term. Her armor plating was a forged, not laminated, 4.5 inches thick. Union Admiral Louis M. Goldsborough declared her to be a much more efficient type of ironclad than the monitors, and Admiral Dahlgren described her as a fine, powerful ship. The New Ironsides was more often in action, fired more shells, and was hit by return fire more frequently than any other vessel in the war. It was the threat of the New Ironsides to the city of Charleston that inspired the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley, and the torpedo boat David. Southerners had a prize payable in gold for anyone or anything that could sink her. Our kit comes complete with custom blueprints, history/instructions, solid resin hull, pewter parts, tungsten wire, and two custom sheets of photo-etch which was engineered solely for this kit.





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