There are home maintenance projects that can be done on your own. These may include fertilizing your garden, replacing your AC filter, mowing your lawn, or cleaning your windows. However, there are also other home projects that must never be considered as DIY projects and would be best left to the experts instead. To know these home maintenance projects, keep on reading below: 

Installing HVAC units 

Regardless if you’re planning to move into a new place or have been in a similar house for some time, it’s vital to inspect your house regularly to ensure that the HVAC unit out of your home still works. Otherwise, it must be repaired or totally reinstalled by a trained expert.  

Lead or mold removal 

When the basement begins to develop mold over time or you have an antique house with lead in it, it’s usually great if you just employ an expert to eliminate the lead or mold. When you leave it unattended, both can be damaging to your well-being and overall health. Save money on cleaning solutions and tools and just employ an expert who can guarantee that both will be completely and safely removed.  

Plumbing repairs 

You can actually fix minor plumbing problems like when you have to clean out your garbage disposal or just have a clogged sink. However, major plumbing problems like dealing you’re your water main or replacing water pipes must not be done by amateurs. What you need is a quality plumbing service Portsmouth from a reputable plumbing company.  

Cleaning gutters 

Regardless if it’s smart to clean your own gutters or not will be based on how high up or clogged the gutters are. When they are extremely high on a ladder and you’re not trained to do so, then it would be best to use the skills of a professional to make sure that you won’t be injured.  

Repaving surfaces 

Freezing and thawing can damage asphalt, concrete, and other materials. Repaving such surfaces could be a challenging task to take over all by yourself since it’s not easy to perfectly level the surface. Otherwise, it will wind up cracking again.  

Exterior painting 

Depending on the scale of your home, exterior painting can be challenging and hazardous as well. It’s not recommended that those who aren’t trained at this particular job to try doing this on a ladder that can reach 6 ft or even more. When there’s an area of your house that’s unreachable, consider hiring someone to do it for you instead.  

Electrical repairs 

If the only thing you know about electrical stuff is that switching off your lights can help you save more on your electricity bills, then you’re basically not qualified to do even the basic electrical task. Hence, it’s only reasonable to just leave these to the experts. Aside from that, electrical work can be hazardous that you can run the danger of starting a fire once you improperly do it. To protect yourself, hiring a pro is your best option.