Remodeling is an exciting task. However, when you are faced with an exciting task like remodeling your home, you should always hold your horses for some important considerations.  

  1. Think about the size of the half bath you want 

When following national building codes, you should be able to fit both a sink and toilet in an 11 x 11 area. However, if you want to secure your comfortability, a width of 3 or feet and a length of 6 or 8 feet long will help with the issue. If you are quite in doubt of other things to consider in your bathroom, start figuring out other regulations that you need to follow to push through clearances in your bathroom remodeling process.   

  1. Think about accessibility 

When it comes to accessibility, a handheld shower can save you or your other family member from having a hard time handling the faucet. However, you should always remember to plan for a long-term feat. If you are preparing a bathroom to aid a family member with special needs, grab bars should also be considered in your bathroom walls. The best position you can put it is 36 square inches from the floor.  

  1. Follow a niche 

On the go organizers or those, you find attached to your bathroom walls are good buys but not a long-term feat. Have a recessed cubby instead. A recessed cubby located beside your tub can help save you some space. Ensure that you have your soap and shampoo containers sized up so that the recessed area is just right for your things. The usual height of recessed cubby from the floor may not benefit kids, thus, go ahead and add another recessed cubby they can easily each on.  

  1. Height for fixtures and accessories 

The rules on the height of robe hooks and towel bars can change. The dimensions that various designers use is measured from the upper part first. Make sure that before a designer comes in to team up with you, you already know where your towel or robe goes and how high you like to reach it. You can also help the people you are working with by leaving arks on the pos  

  1. Light your vanity just right 


The mirrors on your vanity should meet you in the eye and are often spaced with a gap of 40 inches between them. Before you are chasing your mirror and other fixtures, you should take the time to check how it functions. Are you satisfied with the light? If your answer is yes, then it should be easy to purchase and start decorating your bathroom.   


A bathroom is a small space compared to your entire home; however, it poses a significant space in your home. This makes a bathroom renovation or remodels hard to plan and start. However, if you wish to see a new and more functional bath, then you should go ahead with what keeps you up at night. Don’t forget to bring these considerations into mind. For reliable, professional help, check on the website